Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Corner of Orchard & Broome

Officially our favorite corner in Manhattan, so much to offer. Good food, good shopping and sexy co-eds dipped from head to toe. Here are our go to spots:

Barrio Chino. Go there for bruch, get a grapefruit margarita and huevos rancheros while you peep the street scene.

Ernest Sewn. Probably what Ralph Lauren's line started off loooking like before it became mainstream. For men and women.

An Choi. I know it's hot, but a  grab bucket of prosseco with a veggie veitnamese noodle bowl - c'mon !

Kai D, Tools & Clothing for Artisans. Looks like 1950's blue collar gear, fitted for todays hot hot hipster. Awesome moleskins and vintage wallets here too. 

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