Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prison Beer

The Shop recently hit up A Voce, one of our fav Italian restuarants in NY and from what we hear Obama agrees too. While we could blather on about the food what really stuck out, was this Taquamari beer.  Made in a Piemonte prison (thats in Italy, dum dums), as a way to rehabilitate the prisoners. The beer tastes most compriable to a German wheat beer, but is a bit spicy, fruity and super strong. Its good...I'm talking real good. When looking it up on the web to find out a bit more about it, some buttlicker wrote this: "A marigold color w/ whipped cream cap of off white w/ tight beading. The clarity is murky/unfiltered w/ rocky top and sticky lace clings."  I think i might have googled some wierd porn by accident. Find it, drink it and then commit a crime. 

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