Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Footloose Friday

Sitting in this glass tower, clicking keys in a horizontal hum drum is doing nothing for this restless spirit. After having the best trip to the Bay Area for a Halloween bash with our Tigers this weekend, our daydreams are a bit counter productive. (Check back for more pics, we left our precious camera in the bay and awaiting it's return.) To keep your thoughts onward and upward here is a nice gig on Friday night that is sure to keep your fancy footwork up to date.

Come on, come alll to see Jazzy Jeff and Viking ruin the one's and two's at Webster Hall (I know, I know the crowd can be hit or miss, but you know the music is going to be worth it.) Come say hi to The Shop, we'll be the ones teetering and flailing on the dance floor.

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