Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Multiplication of JIM

Trading in his Kimono and sock puppet for a more Buddy Holly-esque look and a four piece band, Jaime Lidell brought a soulful retro groove to Bimbos last night. A few Cabinet members went to the show and we must say were more inclined to twist and shout then trip hop around aimlessly. He crooned in autotune, he did some solo time knob tweaking and beat box looping - much to our pleasure. His band members were right in sync with his improvisational style and seemed so pumped to be on stage with him. We danced, laughed, wondered what the hell he was doing at points and thankfully saw a great rendition of Multiply. At times we missed the heavier, scruffier less "hip" Jamie Lidell but all together it was a fun, inspired and high energy show.

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