Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was a strange feeling on the plane ride "home". Home now has a new meaning and comfort of its own. No longer the hills of SF or the palms of LA. We are still wrapping our head around home's new meaning and how we fit in here. After arriving back from spending two weeks in sunny LA, lounging on roof top pools at the end of October seemed surreal. Bouncing along West Hollywood Boulevard on Halloween was more than fun, weirder than strange and all around lucid. Coming home to the cold, however has us geared up for the fall/winter fashion of layers that we love so much, the boots, the scarves, the caps, and snow - we hope there is snow.

While meandering around the East Village this afternoon, we passed by this store front, seemingly in the knick of time, casting a shadow on a sophomoric slump about to ensue.It's griminess, no nonsense attitude and possible shadiness that might occur inside - all made us very happy we are here.

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