Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love you long time

Perhaps at this point we are writing this mostly for ourselves, some sort of public diary because we have been away for so long. We're sure you have moved on to bigger and better things; and you know what ...we dont blame you !

The move to NY has been all things wrapped up into a surge of emotion both high and low. We have established an East Coast Cabinet Shop on the Lower East Side. While we missHaight Street, Lazlo's, Sushi Hunter, The Saloon, Cafe Trieste, Minnie Wilde, C C Riders, The Ferry Building, The Warrior, The A's and perhaps most of all the 707; New York has awoken a more literary, more conscious, more daring Cabinet Shop, that itches with excitement.

So come back regularly for a more personal point of view than we have portrayed in the past, but you better believe we HELLA haven't forgotten where we came from !

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